Ceci n’est pas un cross post

January 9, 2016

Maybe a little peeved, though. Since it doesn’t look like automatic crossposting is going to be easy (although my DW account did successfully go through to JF, though not the other way around), I think I’ve decided to split up my use of the various accounts I have into public and private spheres. And I’ll also be sideblogging to keep things compartmentalized.

I think to begin with, I’ll probably stick with the following for most, if not all services.

  1. A test blog for checking out how functions and features work without messing up anything else.
  2. The blog where I am going to build my own theme park (with blackjack! and hookers!) which is the reason I’m even motivated into getting back into doing all of this in the first place.
  3. The blog where I suppose I track my reading/media consumption progress in an informal way, with overall impressions and reactions.
  4. Maybe the slightly more thoughtful review-ish blog where I try to go over things with in greater depth, if I can manage it and/or spotlight old favourites.
  5. Another blog for personal projects progress, like improving my penmanship/finally learning to draw/read and speak assorted languages that I should have long since learned to read and speak much better, including English.
  6. Yet another blog for transformative works, I suppose. I always did want to do an Exercices de style/99 Ways To Tell A Story version of the old Fandom Wank meme “now he ded from coke”, and I guess it’s as good a source text as any for doing translation practice and creative writing exercises and drawing something more complicated than deformed stick figures.

And it seems that while WordPress.com now has automatic ads for the free accounts, on Blogger they’re still an option that you can purportedly use to cash in on $$$ in revenue, provided you’ve got at least 6 months of content and pass whatever tests make you acceptable to a potentially Chinese advertising market?

I might try that for the review blog if I ever get around to it, and the freebie repository, if I ever bother to mirror it, given the sheer tediousness of manual crossposting and updating.

I think that step ??? before “Profit!!!!!” is going to involve finding an offline client that can post to both WordPress and Blogger (and maybe also an LJ-compatible service and possibly Tumblr) for me. I regret that viJournal now seems to be defunct, since apparently the non-Lite version could do that, but now the site and developer are MIA, which is a shame, since it was a nice piece of software that I was planning to buy if the exchange rate got better, or there was a holiday discount sale.


Not so much resolution as motivation, I suppose?

January 8, 2016

It’s amazing what sheer incandescent rage can do for one’s willingness to finally get up and do stuff.

I wasn’t planning on doing anything particular at the start of the New Year, and was hoping to gradually ease into some personal changes and projects I’d been vaguely thinking of, but something that happened yesterday made me have an epiphany about various things which I’ll probably rant about later, but am motivated to set the groundwork to change starting now.

With that in mind, I went and dug up a whole bunch of my old logins for various sites and services (only a handful of them so far) and will be looking into setting up my own space again (with blackjack! and hookers!) for some particular things I actually do want to share, since it’s become clear that the particular community where I’ve been doing it for the past few years is no longer what I’d consider to be a good place do to so.
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Hello world!

February 13, 2007

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

The obligatory inaugural message

February 12, 2007

Long story short:

I found out someone else was going around as “alexanderthedrake”.

“Alexander the Drake” has been my handle since adolescence.

It’s a pun on my real name, my favourite mythical beast, and the Macedonian world-conqueror who’s my role model (except for the part about dying at 33 and having my body embalmed in honey for public display).

In all the years I’ve been online, I’ve never even seen anyone with anything even remotely similar, unless their real names also involved some combination of “Drake”, “Alex”, and/or “Alexander”.

And believe me, I’ve googled potential namesakes on a regular basis, just to see if they’re anything like me.

I don’t know why or for what purpose this person is using my exact name, but I want it back.

This blog is part of a bid to reclaim my identity.

I think I’ll use it for reviews of stuff.